Research Group
Research Group

Direction 1:  Collection and Evaluation of Plant Resources

Ex Situ Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wild Plants Group         PI: Dr. Lei Shi

Biosynthesis and Regulation of Plant Secondary Metabolites Group     PI: Dr.Yongzhen Pang

Physiology and Genetic Breedng on Ornamental Plants Group             PI: Dr. Liangsheng Wang

Seed Physiology and Biotechnology Group                                         PI: Dr.Songquan Song

Ecological Adaptatio and New Cultivar Breeding for Resource Plants Distributed in Sualpine Zone Group                                                                                        PI: Dr. Yuanrun Zheng 


Direction 2: Key Genes Exploitation and Regulation for Plant Resources

Theoretical and Biotechnological Research on Plant Adaption to Drought Stress Group     PI: Dr. Xin Deng

Plant Molecular Adaption to Osmotic Stress Group                              PI: Dr. Xuejun Hua

Plant Responses to Heavey Metal Stress and Phytoremediation Group  PI: Dr. Mi Ma

Fruit Postharvest Biology and Biocotrol Technology Group                   PI: Dr. Shiping Tian


Direction 3: Creation and Application of High-quality Germplasm of Plant Resources

Genetics and Genomics of Biofuel Crops Group                                    PI: Dr. Haichun Jing

Research Group of Physiology and Heredity in Fruit Tree Group            PI: Dr. Shaohuai Li

Gene Resources Screening and Molecular Breedig Group                      PI: Dr. Gongshe Liu

Plant Doemstication Biology Group                                                        PI: Tao Sang

Proteomics of Plant Responsive to Environment Signals and its Germplasm Creation      PI: Shihua She


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