Jacalin domain in wheat jasmonate-regulated protein Ta-JA1 confers agglutinating activity and pathogen resistance. Biochimie, 2013 95(2):359-65

 Jacalin domain in wheat jasmonate-regulated protein Ta-JA1 confers agglutinating activity and pathogen resistance

Qing-Hu Ma*, Wei-Bo Zhen, Yun-Chao Liu


Ta-JA1 is a jacalin-like lectin from wheat (Triticum aestivum) plants. To date, its homologs are only observed in the Gramineae family. Our previous experiments have demonstrated that Ta-JA1 contains a modular structure consisting of an N-terminal dirigent domain and a C-terminal jacalin-related lectin domain (JRL) and this protein exhibits a mannose-specific lectin activity. The over-expression of Ta-JA1 gene provides transgenic plants a broad-spectrum resistance to diseases. Here, we report the differential activities of the dirigent and JRL domains of Ta-JA1. In vitro assay showed that the recombinant JRL domain could effectively agglutinate rabbit erythrocytes and pathogen bacteria Pseudomonas syringe pv tabaci. These hemagglutination activities could be inhibited by mannose but not by galactose. In contrast, the recombinant dirigent domain did not show agglutination activity. Corresponding to these differentiations of activities, similar to full-length of Ta-JA1, the over-expression of JRL domain in transgenic plants also increased resistance to the infection of P. syringe. Unlike JRL, the over-expression of dirigent domain in transgenic plants led to alteration of the seedling sensitivity to salts. In addition, a d(N)/d(S) ratio analysis of Ta-JA1 and its related proteins showed that this protein family functionally limited to a few crop plants, such as maize, rice and wheat.


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