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1       Wang TT, Ren ZJ, Liu ZQ, Feng X, Guo RQ, Li BG, Li LG*, Jing HC*. SbHKT1;4, a member of the high-affinity potassium transporter gene family from Sorghum bicolor, functions to maintain optimal Nat/Kt balance under Nat stress. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 2014, 56 (3):315-332

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38     Wang YJ, Wang JJ, Lai LM, Jiang LH, Zhuang P, Zhang LH, Zheng YR*, Baskin JM, Baskin CC. Geographic variation in seed traits within and among forty-two species of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) on the Tibetan plateau: relationships with altitude, habitat, plant height, and phylogeny. Ecology and Evolution, 2014,4(10): 1913-1923

39     Mi J, Liu W, Yang WH, Yan J, Li JQ, Sang T*. Carbon sequestration by Miscanthus energy crops plantations in a broad range semi-arid marginal land in China. Science Of The Total Environment, 2014, 496: 373-380

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42     Ma QH. Monocot chimeric jacalins: a novel subfamily of plant lectins. Critical Reviews In Biotechnology, 2014, 34(4): 300-306

43     Wang CP, Lin B, Zhang YQ, Lin YH, Liu AH, Hua XJ*. The evolutionary fate of D1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase 1 (P5CS1) genes in allotetraploid Brassica napus. Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 2014, 52 (5): 566–579

44     Zheng YR*, Jiang LH, Gao Y, Chen X, Luo GP, Feng XW, Shimizu H. Growth response and soil–plant water relations of 4 dominant psammophyte species with soil moisture in central Inner Mongolia. Turkish Journal of Botany, 2014, 38(4): 325-333

45     Zhao Y*, Shen CY*, Xu T, Chen SX, Li MJ, Deng X*. A 30-kb genomic DNA fragment of resurrection plant Boea hygrometrica enhances Arabidopsis osmotic and alkaline tolerance. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 2014, 12 (1): 210-215

46     Li WL, Xu FL, Chen SX, Zhang ZN, Zhao Y, Jin YK, Li MJ, Zhu Y, Liu YX, Yang Y, Deng X*. A comparative study on Ca content and distribution in two Gesneriaceae species reveals distinctive mechanisms to cope with high rhizospheric soluble calcium. Frontiers in Plant Science, 2014, 5:647.

47     Li WL, Duan HK, Chen FY, Wang Z, Huang XQ, Deng X, Liu YX*. Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling High Calcium Response in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS ONE, 2014, 9(11): e112511.

48     巩玥,陈海苗,姜闯道*,石雷。植物叶片解剖结构的量化及其在C4植物高粱中的应用. 植物学报, 2014,49(2):173-182

49     李涛,李云丽,李志强,姜闯道*,石雷,刘玉军*。叶片发育影响紫罗勒花青素的强光诱导和激发能分配. 植物生理学报, 2014,50(5):675-682

50     李志真,刘东焕*,赵世伟,姜闯道*,石雷。环境强光诱导玉簪叶片光抑制的机制. 植物生态学报, 2014,38(7):720-728

51     葛雨萱,周肖红,刘洋,王亮生*。黄栌属种质资源、栽培繁殖、化学成分、叶色调控研究进展. 园艺学报, 2014,41(9):1833–1845

52     李珊珊,吴倩,袁茹玉,邵帅,张会金,王亮生*。莲属植物类黄酮代谢产物的研究进展. 植物学报, 2014,49(6): 738–750

53     苏上,王丽金,王贺新,王亮生*。蓝莓产业发展现状与趋势. 高科技与产业化, 2014,4:76-80

54     黄欢,胡慧霞,姜联合,王亮生,任红旭*。植物甜菜色素的研究进展. 生物学通报, 2014,49(8):1-4

55     申红玲,何振艳,麻密*。蜈蚣草砷超富集机制及其在砷污染修复中的应用. 植物生理学报, 2014,50(5): 591-598

56     王策,杨艳歌,吕维涛*,周春菊*,孙冬梅,邓馨。玉米A亚族bZIP转录因子基因ZmbZIP81的克隆、表达与功能分析. 作物学报, 2014, 40(9): 1549-1556


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