Dr. Liangsheng Wang, Professor. Received his bachelor's degree from Xiangtan University in 1985, received his master's degree from East China Normal University in 1996, and obtained his PhD degree from Kagoshima University in Japan in 2001. Dr. Wang was introduced to IOB, CAS in 2004. He serves as the executive director of Peony Branch of China Flower Association and the director of Chinese Society of Horticultural Science. He managed 14 projects from the National Nature Science Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology etc. So far, he has published 59 research papers, including 23 SCI papers and obtained 3 authorized patents. Now, he serves as the executive deputy director of the Beijing Botanical Garden and the deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Plant Resources, IOB, CAS.

Email: wanglsh@ibcas.ac.cn Tel:86-10-62836654

Research Focus:

(1) Collecting wild species and cultivars of Paeonia and Vaccinium spp. and evaluating their quality characters;

(2) Elucidating the mechanism(s) underlying ?ower color formation and fragrance production;

(3) Establishing core germplasm and developing new ornamental cultivars by orientation cross breeding and molecular breeding.


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