Dr. Lei Shi, Professor. Graduated from ChinaAgricultureUniversity and attained bachelor's degree in 1989. In 1999, he obtained his PhD degree from the IOB. From 2001, has assumed the position as professor of the IOB; Currently Dr. Shi is the director of the In Vitro Plant Germplasm Collection, BRC-CAS; executive deputy director of the Ornamental Plant Sub-center, Tianjin Industrial Technology Innovation and Incubation Center, CAS; deputy director of Ornamental Plant Committee, National Forest Variety Certification Committee; executive member of the China Flower Association and secretary general of the Fern Committee of the China Flower Association, executive member of the China Wild Plant Conservation Association, deputy director of Science Technology Committee as well as deputy director and the secretary general of the Fern Conservation Committee; executive member of the Chinese Society of Horticultural Science; member of Academic Committee, IBCAS. He is pursuing the study on ex situ conservation and sustainable use of wild plant resources. He has led more than 30 national and CAS projects; was awarded 1 technological second prize award at provincial or ministerial levels and has gained 8 appraisements of achievement; published more than 140 scientific papers or books; obtained 12 state-authorized patents; and obtained 8 new certificated varieties.

Email:shilei@ibcas.ac.cn Tel:86-10-62836270

Research Focus:

(1) Investigation and collection of important regional plant resources;

(2) Ex situ conservation of plant resources and research of its adaptability mechanism;

(3) Research and development of in vitro preservation and rapid propagation technology of plant resources;

(4) New varieties breeding, industrialization demonstration and spread.


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