Dr. Gongshe Liu, Professor, 1982-1986 MSc and PhD majoring in plant physiology, Blaise-Pasgal University and CNRS, France. Supervisor: Prof. Patrice Leclercq and Prof. Collete Nitch 1978-1982 BSc, majoring in plant genetics and breeding, Northwestern Agricultural University. 1986-1988 Post-doc and Assistant Professor, IOB, CAS. Adviser: Academician Fuxiong Wang; 1989-1994 Associate Professor, IOB, CAS. 1995-2000 Professor of plant genetic resources, IOB, CAS; 2000-present Professor of IOB, CAS. Dr. LIU served as President of the Cell Biology and Biotechnology committee of the Chinese Society of Botany (2002-2008), Council Member of the Genetic and Breeding Committee of Chinese Society of Grass (2009-2014), Vice President of the Grass section of Chinese Animal Society (2010-2014).

Email: liugs@ibcas.ac.cn Tel: 86-10-62836227

Research Focus:

1Germplasm evaluation and gene discovery in L. chinensis

2Research on the molecular mechanism of plant response to mowing


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